Spinach & Blue Cheese Gnocchi

Delicious little potato dumplings in a creamy blue cheese sauce & a touch of spinach, decadent & comforting...your welcome!!

Serves 4 Approx 40p per person (not inc salad)

Prep 5 minutes Cooking time 10 minutes


500g gnocchi

3-4 blocks frozen spinach

80g creamy blue cheese (I used Gorgonzola £1.29 for 200g at Lidl!)

100g plain cream cheese

freshly ground black pepper

green salad to serve

Cook the spinach in a large pan of boiling salted water for 6 minutes then add the gnocchi. When the gnocchi comes up to the surface it is ready (this should only be about 3 minutes).

Reserve a cup of the cooking water then drain the gnocchi & spinach & return it to the pan.

Add the cheeses & put the lid on the saucepan for a few minutes to allow them to melt. Remove the lid & stir well, if it seems a little thick pour in some of the cooking water to loosen it.

Serve immediately with the salad.

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