I really don't enjoy food shopping & I like to get it done as quickly as possible!

To make it go smoothly always make a list. This will help you stick to your budget & goes hand in hand with your meal planning. Keep a piece of paper on your fridge & add to it as & when you need to. Make sure every member of your household knows about it & if they use something up they will know to add it to the list.

Oh, & NEVER go shopping when you are hungry, this can be disasterous to your budget (& waistline!😫)


To your door!

I love to do my supermarket shopping online, no trolley rage, no trudging back home with heavy bags & it means that I can buy things that I use most often in bulk!

All the big supermarkets  now have an online shop & they store your last shop so you can refer back to it next time. shows you all the best offers from all the supermarkets making it easier to decide which to use.


We all love a BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) or even a 3 for 2, but sometimes we can be wooed too easily & end up with groceries that go out of date before we can use them! Before you fill your trolley whether it be in store or online, ask yourself:

What can I make with this/these?

Can I freeze it/them?

Is there room in the freezer?