Here are some spooky treats for the scariest time of the year-wooooooooo! (Scary film optional!)


Dracula's Punch

This is great for a party & if your making it for adults add a shot or two of vodka or white rum!

Makes 3 litres costing approx £2.20

Prep 5 minutes


1 litre cranberry juice

1 litre red grape juice

1 litre diet lemonade


Mix together the juices & lemonade in a large jug or bowl & serve. Add the alcohol (if using) & some ice cubes if you wish.

Eyeballs on Sticks

Sounds pretty disgusting I know but it is Halloween so we can be excused!

Makes approx 15 at 8p each

Prep 15 minutes


1 tin of lychees (seedless)

black grapes, cut in ½

You will also need some cocktail sticks


Drain the lychees & place in a bowl.

Take ½ a grape & gently push it into a lychee (there will be a hole where the seed was).

Push a cocktail stick into the lychee & through the grape to hold it all together.

Place a layer of grapes in the bottom of a serving dish & use them to secure the sticks!

Sausage Mummies

Scary but yummy bites of pastry wrapped sausage-just add blood..er I mean ketchup!!

Makes 25 Approx 7p each

Prep 15-20 minutes Cooking time 15-20 minutes


1 pack ready to eat cocktail sausages

½ pack ready rolled puff pastry (freeze the rest!)

ketchup to serve

From the short end of the pastry cut into strips approximately ½cm wide, then cut each strip in ½.

Take a strip of the pastry & wrap it around a sausage, place on a baking tray & repeat with the rest.





Brush with a little milk or beaten egg & place in the oven 200C/Fan 180/Gas 6 for 15-20 minutes until the pastry is golden.

Sausage Coffins

These are made using the Friday Night Sausage Baguettes recipe, with a few minor adjustments!


Serves 4, approx 41p per person



4 ready to cook petit pain rolls

4 sausages

1 onion, halved then sliced

Oil for frying

Ketchup & mustard


Cook the petit pain according to pack instructions, then wrap in foil to keep them warm.

Cook the sausages whichever way you like, in the oven, grill or fry. (I oven cooked mine.)

Heat the oil in a frying pan & cook the onions until soft & browned (you want them to look caramelised but not burned!)

Assemble the coffins-slice them open & place a sausage in each, top with the onion & plenty of ketchup &/or mustard!

Chocolate Maggot Cakes

These would be great to give out to trick or treaters!

Makes 30 cakes, approx 10p each

Cooking time 15 mins, chilling time 1 hour




100g butter

8 tbsp golden syrup

200g milk chocolate

180g rice crispies


You will also need paper cake cases





Lay out 30 cake cases on a baking tray.

In a saucepan, gently heat the butter, syrup & chocolate. Stir continuously until melted. Take off the heat.






Stir in the rice crispies & mix well until combined.


Spoon into the cases & chill in the fridge for at least one hour.





Decorate with halloween sweets if you like!




Slime & Goo Trifles

You can make 1 big trifle or 4 small ones

Serves 4, but easily doubled. Approx 73p per person

Prep time for the jelly 2-3 hours (or overnight!) 15 mins to assemble



4 trifle sponges

1 tin ready to eat custard

1 pack lime jelly

300ml pot whipping cream

Halloween sweets to decorate (optional)







Place the sponges in a large bowl or 4 small dishes.

Make up the jelly according to pack instructions & pour over the sponges (divide evenly if making individual trifles).

Place in the fridge to set.


Once the jelly is set remove from the fridge & spoon the custard on top of the jelly.

Whip the cream (or use squirty cream if you like!) & spoon on top of the custard.

Decorate with sweets or any other things you fancy!

Serve immediately or put back in the fridge until you've been trick or treating!

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