Get Organised!!

Whatever it's size it's important to arrange your kitchen to work more efficiently. There is nothing more annoying than scratching around in a drawer or cupboard for something halfway through cooking! I have included some photos of how my kitchen is arranged, of course yours will be different but it may give you some inspiration as to how you can re-organise your space!


My kitchen has undergone a lot of reorganizing over the years, as my cooking has improved I have adjusted things to fit in with how I work.

It's finally had a much needed update though & it gave me the chance to finally get things exactly as I want!

The old kitchen was a mess & not user friendly at all- think drawers that fall down every time you open them & worksurface the size of a postage stamp (ok that last bit is a bit of an exaggeration!). I did my best with what I had though.

I am very fortunate that I now have a kitchen that works perfectly for me!


Although it is still a small space I have tried to make the most of it with a few clever space saving ideas proving that you don't need a kitchen the size of a football pitch to dish up great food!







So this is you can see it is quite compact but like I said I have managed to fit in all the kitchen kit that I use on a daily basis (other appliances like slow cooker/air fryer etc are in my dining room cabinets).


Cooking utensils, oils etc are either side of the cooker & I have all my herbs & spices on open racks on the work surface. This leaves my cupboard space for everything else.

The shelving is from Amazon & they come in a set of 4 which can be stacked to suit your space. I chose the wooden container (Dunelm) for my utensils because it matches my worktops (almost)! 

I have three drawers now, not many but the bottom two are quite deep & actually fit quite a lot in-yes I know the middle one looks messy but let me assure you it's a vast improvement from before!! The top drawer is mainly for cutlery & knives so we invested in an organizer which turned out to be very useful. The bottom drawer is great for storing my pots & pans.

The thing to remember though is make your kitchen work for you! What works for me may not suit how you do your thing- maybe you have more work surface & can therefore keep more out, or maybe you have plenty of storage & can put everything away nicely! Think about what you use the most & arrange it accordingly- if you are an air fryer Queen/King or have a close relationship with your slow cooker then you'll want that out or if you live on stir fries keep your wok handy! Future bake Off contestants will be wanting that mixer at the ready!

So that's about I've said previously it's important to make the space that you have work for you. Get organised & there will be no more getting the drawer stuck on the potato masher (am I right?!)😁