Get Organised!!

Whatever it's size it's important to arrange your kitchen to work more efficiently. There is nothing more annoying than scratching around in a drawer or cupboard for something halfway through cooking! I have included some photos of how my kitchen is arranged, of course yours will be different but it may give you some inspiration as to how you can re-organise your space!


Stand back & think carefully about what ingredients & utensils you use the most. For example I keep my olive oil, salt & pepper to hand as most recipes call for at least one or all of these. My wooden spoons & spatulas get used frequently so these need to be within reach too! 


Talking of spoons & spatulas, your kitchen kit needs organising too! You can use wall hooks or containers on the work tops for utensils if you're short of drawer space, saucepans & frying pans can also be hung on the wall! If you have any shelves make good use of these too. Once everything has a home your cooking will be much more efficient!