Coronation Chicken Naan Breads

This makes a great snack & can be whipped up in no time using a few storecupboard ingredients. As well as naan breads it would be delicious in a sandwich or jacket potato!

Serves 4 (as a snack) Approx 28p per person (not inc chicken)

Prep/Cooking 10 minutes


100g cooked chicken, chopped

5 tbsp mayonaisse

2 tsp curry powder, mild/medium

a handful sultanas (optional)

4 mini naan breads

Cook the naan breads according to pack instructions.

Meanwhile place the mayonaisse & curry powder in a bowl & mix.

Add the chicken & sultanas (if using) & mix well until coated.

Remove the naan from the oven, top with the chicken & serve.

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