Chocolate Lovelies

Scrumptious, crumbly chocolate biscuits sandwiched together with decadent vanilla buttercream, that’s why they are called “Lovelies”!


 Makes 10   Approx 25p each

Prep time 15-20 minutes   Cooking time 15 minutes

Level 🍴🍴🍴





185g unsalted butter, softened

80g icing sugar

150g plain flour

35g cornflour

30g cocoa powder

Pre-heat oven to 170C/150Fan/Gas3 & line two baking trays with baking paper.

Beat the butter & icing sugar together until creamy.

Sift in the flours & cocoa powder & stir in.

Take heaped teaspoons of the mixture & place on the prepared trays a few cms apart.

Bake for 15 minutes & allow to cool on the trays.


For the buttercream filling:

80g unsalted butter, softened

160g icing sugar, sifted

1 tsp vanilla extract



Beat the butter & icing sugar together until creamy then add the vanilla & mix until combined.



Using a teaspoon, place a blob of icing in the centre of a biscuit then take another biscuit & sandwich them together-push gently so that the icing squidges to the edge. Alternatively you can use a piping bag like I have done!

The “Lovelies will keep in an airtight container for 3-4 days.

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