Sarah's Loaded Chips & crispy maybe with a sprinkle of salt & lashings of vinegar? Or maybe just as they are dipped in tomato ketchup or (if you're like me) mayo!

Or how about like this? Topped with lots of lovely extra bits this brings the humble chip up a few levels!

Follow my recipe or create your own combination!

My Ready to Cook Chips from the Time Savers section work great for this so if you have any in the freezer you're well on your way!


Serves 4   Approx 50p per person (based roughly on 300g oven chips plus toppings of choice)

Prep time 10 minutes    Cooking time 30 minutes

Level 🍴


300g oven chips (or use my ready to cook chips!)


Topping ideas:

Cooked crumbled bacon or chopped cooked chorizo

Grated cheese

Chopped spring onions or red onion

Chopped chillies

Cook the chips according to instructions on the bag or if you are using my Ready to Cook Chips click here.

Once the chips are cooked remove from the oven.

Place a layer of chips in an heatproof dish then top with cheese, then the bacon & onions (or whatever you choose!).


Repeat the layer & finish with a sprinkle of cheese.





Place under a hot grill until the cheese has melted.

Serve immediately.

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