Chicken & Mushroom Tart

Delicious hot or cold this tart is great for packed lunches, picnics or even an afternoon tea table!

Serves 4-6 Approx 44p-67p per person

Prep time 20 minutes Cooking time 25-30 minutes


50g cooked chicken, shredded

½ onion, finely chopped

50g chestnut mushrooms, sliced

3 eggs

1 cup milk

1 ½ tsp dried tarragon

30g grated cheddar

1 pack ready rolled shortcrust pastry

salt & pepper

Line a loose bottomed flan or cake tin with the pastry leave some excess pastry over the edges as it will shrink when cooking. Prick all over the base then take a piece of baking or greaseproof paper & scrunch into a ball then place it over the pastry. Fill the case with baking beans or dry uncooked rice or pasta. Place the tin on a baking sheet (this makes it easier to transport!)& into the oven at 200C/180Fan/Gas6 for about 15 minutes or until just golden. Remove from the oven. This is called “baking blind”.

Fry the onions & mushrooms in a little oil until soft, add the dried tarragon & cook for another minute or 2 until the smell of the herbs comes through. Set aside on some kitchen paper to drain & cool.

Mix the eggs & milk together in a jug & season with salt & pepper.

Remove the excess pastry by rolling over it with a rolling pin.

Put the chicken in the bottom of the pastry case then the onion & mushrooms. Top with the cheese then carefully pour over the egg mixture.

Bake for 25-30 minutes at 200C/180Fan/Gas6, the top should be golden brown & the egg set.

Serve hot or cold.

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