Mini Dauphinoise Potatoes

I love these decadent creamy potatoes with the hint of garlic! Serving them in individual dishes makes them look extra special but you can make them in a larger dish if you prefer.


Serves 2 (easily doubled) Approx 42p per serving

 Prep time 10 minutes Cooking time 40 minutes




2-3 small potatoes, thinly sliced

75ml double cream

50ml milk

2 garlic cloves, crushed

salt & pepper




Pre-heat the oven to180Fan/200C/Gas 6 & butter two small ovenproof serving dishes.

Lay the slices of potato in the dish so that they overlap. Keep going until you have about 1cm of space at the top of the dish. Put the dishes onto a baking tray.

In a jug mix together the milk, cream & garlic & season with salt & pepper.

Carefully & evenly pour the mixture over the potatoes.

Place in the oven for 40 minutes until the tops are browned.

Serve immediately. 

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