Peaches & Cream Trifles

This is a lovely quick dessert to put together using ingredients that you can keep in you store cupboard!

Serves 4 Approx 48p per person

Prep time 10 minutes Chilling time 1 hour Cooking none


4 slices from a block Madeira cake

150ml ½ fat crème fraiche

1 tin custard

1 tin Peach slices in juice

Cut the cake slices into cubes & place in the bottom of 4 serving bowls or glasses.

Open the tin of peaches & pour some of the juice over the sponge bases.

Spoon over the custard dividing it between the glasses.

Place 2 peach slices over the custard.

Spoon the crème fraiche on top of the peaches.

Place 2 more peach slices on top.

Chill the trifles in the fridge for about an hour or longer if you want to make them well in advance.

If you prefer, make this in one large bowl & experiment with different fruit.

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