About Me

Hello my name is Sarah Winkle & I am an enthusiastic home cook with an all round love of food! Originally from Portsmouth I now live in the beautiful county of Staffordshire with my husband Steve & our cats Cleo & Gumbo. Our cosy terraced house has a modest kitchen but there is nothing modest about my passion for good food & saving money!

Right at the start of the country's financial problems I shared some recipes on a website that I was involved with at the time. These recipes were designed to be budget friendly & I quickly found there was quite a demand for them!

The Credit Crunch Cooke was born from three things: The current economy, my daily quest to create tasty meals on a budget & my maiden name of Cooke (so now you know it's not a typing error!).

I'm always on the lookout for new ideas for recipes & have a happy band of guinea pigs (i.e family & friends!) ready to taste test!

If you are new to cooking or you need any advice, please don't hesitate to contact me at creditcrunchcooke@gmail.com I am not a cooking expert but I cook in the real world where mistakes are made sometimes so maybe you can learn from mine!!



Firstly I want to thank my lovely husband Steve, chief guinea pig & (very!) patient tech support-I couldn't have done this without him!

Secondly thanks to my parents Chris & Eve for their encouragement & willingness to be taste testers also & to my brother Gary for his wacky recipe suggestions!!

Last but by no means least thank you to the rest of my family & all my friends especially those who put up with me wittering constantly about food!!!