As I have already mentioned, I am not a professional chef or cook, just a very keen home cook! Sometimes I follow recipes, sometimes I go freestyle, it depends what I want & what mood I'm in. I have my favourite dishes but I'm always happy to try something new, & most of the time I go by the "trial & error" method! I think you can learn alot this way, & I certainly have! The title of this section sums it up & I am here to help! I am always learning something new & I will share all my handy hints with you so check out the Hints & Tips page.

Different methods of weighing & measuring can get a little confusing, take a look at the Conversions page for assistance!

Never mind all that chef speak, there's no room for showing off on this website! However I know that some of you may be new to the cooking world & some of the terms I use might still be gobbeldegook, take a look at Cooking Terms & Meanings & hopefully you will find what you're looking for!