Kitchen kit

You don't need to spend a fortune on fancy kitchen gadgets. Take a look below for my kitchen essentials. 

Large Frying Pan:  A decent one will cost about £20 but worth every penny as it will get plenty of use!

Box Grater:  Not just for cheese! Use it to grate veg for salads, or even try making your own coleslaw!

Measuring Jug:  The sturdy glass ones are best in my opinion.

Digital Scales:  The flat ones without a bowl are great as they are so easy to store!

Vegetable Peeler:  Not just for spuds!

Kitchen Scissors:  A multitued of uses from cutting up baking paper to snipping herbs, a really strong pair will make jointing a chicken a breeze!

Garlic Crusher: Gets the job done quickly without getting Garlic fingers!

Silicone Spatula: Whether it's soup, sauce or cake mix these get every last scrap out of the bowl.


Chef's Knife: Find one that is the right size & weight to suit you. My hands are quite small so I need a fairly small knife.

Knife Sharpener: No explanation needed really, but did you know that you are more likely to cut yourself on a blunt knife?

Tin Opener: In world of ring pull cans it's still possible to get caught out!

Colander:  For draining spuds, veg, pasta etc

Measuring Spoons: From tsp to tbsp you will get your quantities right every time.

*Blender: Jug or stick it doesn't matter, you can whizz up a satisfying soup or healthy smoothie in no time!

*Mini Chopper: Really handy for whizzing up breadcrumbs for the freezer, I got mine for about £20 & it came with attatchments too.

*Electric Beaters: These take the hard work out of creaming butter & sugar together for a cake or whisking egg whites for meringues. Basic ones cost as little as £10!


*If you're short of space why not invest in one of the "kitchen machines" that are available? You can get them online from about £99-£150, mine is a food mixer with blender & food processor attachments!