A whole new world (of food!)

Do you pass it by when you're doing your supermarket shop? You know the aisle I mean-the one with unusual & unfamiliar tins & packets. The kind of things that you could previously only find in Asian stores & supermarkets are now readily available where you do your weekly shop.

They often work out cheaper than even the supermarkets own too...

Take ground cumin for example.


A 43g pot of "own brand" is £1 but take a wander down the World Foods aisle & a 100g bag costs just 80p!! All you need is a screw top jar to keep it in & you're good to go!

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Little Seeds, Big Future!

Stone is one of our favourite places to visit (it's where we got married!) & now boasts some very good places to eat, drink & be merry!

Little Seeds opened in 2016 & has become a popular addition to the town. It's one of those places that you hear so many good things about but can't help but think "Is it to good to be true?" Their website shows their dedication to fresh local produce & they even have their own kitchen garden where they grow their own herbs! They also make their own stocks, sauces, desserts & ice creams from scratch & bake bread daily-what more could you ask for?!

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Stafford Grub Club Launch Night!

Following the success of the Lichfield Grub Clubs, the organisers decided to bring some foodie fun to little old Stafford this month much to the delight of myself & Mr W!

The date was set for Thursday 9th August from 5pm-11pm in Stafford's Market Square. We both work in town & as we had been at work all day we were definitely ready.  

We arrived in the square at about 5.45 & things were still pretty quiet but as it was still early we grabbed one of the tables that had been put out.

Deciding what to have was going to be tricky! We took it in turns to have a wander around the stalls, there was a very good mix of food including pizza, thai, hot dogs & burgers, gyros & some sweet offerings like brownies & crepes.

A stage had also been set up on the steps of the Shire Hall ready for music & comedy-it was set to be a fun evening!

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Looking Lovely with Lidl!!

Ok so beauty blogging is not my usual hat but this is too good not to talk about!

In the past, where beauty products & toiletries were concerned I was a brand name girl all the way! However in the last few years, especially since I started The Credit Crunch Cooke I have changed my ways.


My ongoing love affair with Lidl is no secret especially on social media where I have often sung the praises of a bargain which is almost always food related. Going back to last year I was making a list of various things I was running low on-deodorant, body wash etc. I needed to pay a visit to Lidl anyway & thought I would check out what they had to offer.

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The Market Vaults, Stafford

Tucked away around a corner in Stafford town centre is The Market Vaults pub. It's changed names a few times over the years but seems to have settled itself in as one of Stafford's (not so secret!) gems!


With a reputation for great beer, live music & comedy, The Vaults (as we locals refer to it!) has only added to that with some incredible food! They are primarily known for their burgers-100% premium chuck steak locally sourced & with names such as “The Spicy Swine”, “The Shawn Michaels” & “Fungus Amongus” you know that these aren't your run of the mill burgers!

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These quick noodles are from Home Bargains & are a fab addition to your store cupboard! Not only that but they are a snip at 59p a pack! There are two individually wrapped servings in each pack, just open & tip into a colander & rinse with hot water to separate them then they are ready to use! 

I tried some last night in my Broccoli & Mushroom Stir Fry & they worked a treat!