Mrs Winkle gets her mojo back..!

Yes, dear reader that woman is me....

So my last blog post was a biiiig catch up with you all, sorry if I waffled, I do it a lot so get used to it! 😉

Anyways up & down it is now May & where the heck are the months going?

It's been lovely & sunny today 🌞(apologies if I just jinxed it!) Our plants in the greenhouse are happy- I know because I asked them. There are clean sheets on the bed & there is a set drying in the sun as we speak. I've made a batch of Cauliflower & Broccoli Cheese which is now in the freezer- all is right with the world.

"Sarah- why oh why are you telling us all this?" I hear you ask. Well it's simple.


This time last year I was in a bad way physically & emotionally (see previous blog post) & all the usual day to day stuff went out of the window. Thank goodness for Mr W- how he managed to deal with it all...well just know that I am eternally grateful for that fella.❤



I just wanted to feel normal again (well, as normal as I'll ever be!) & do stuff- cooking, cleaning, gardening, walks etc etc...

Well now it's finally starting to happen & all those things that some may find boring or mundane are actually a pleasure to do (ask me again in a few weeks & it might be a different story!) 




I've dived right back into cooking which as you all know is my passion & it feels sooo good! I'm now back to being my creative self in the kitchen which makes me very happy. Mr W has missed my cooking & has taken back his job as chief taste tester (it's like being a contestant on Masterchef!)



I've also been gardening again & it's lovely to see our efforts coming to life in the greenhouse!🥬🍅🍓🥒🌶🥕

I've gone back to work part time (for now) to get a sense of routine back & we've been making plans for when my surgery is done & I'm fully recovered!!

What I'm getting at is this. Don't take things for granted- especially your health! I did & learned the hard way.


Oh & big news! I got the phone call I been waiting a long time for yesterday & will be having my surgery in June- Hurrah!!

So, to sum it all up what I want to say to you all is this..

Look after yourselves lovely people, you are all worth it!

Now I had better get the washing in- love to you all!



Sarah xx  ❤❤❤❤❤