Easy Peasy Veg Soup

Serves 4 V  (Low in fat-hooray!!) Approx cost per person 40p

Prep/Cooking 30 mins

1 leek, sliced

1 parsnip, chopped

1 carrot, chopped

1 potato, chopped

500ml vegetable stock

2 tsp Wholegrain mustard (or English mustard if you don’t have
wholegrain, just use a bit less as it’s quite strong!)

2tbsp semi-skimmed milk






Cook the veg in the stock until tender.





Drain (reserving the stock) & place all the veg in a blender & whizz until smooth adding the stock a little at a time, until it’s the consistency you want. Alternatively, drain the veg, put back in the pan & whizz with a stick blender!




Return the soup to the pan on a low heat, add the mustard & milk & stir well. Taste & season with salt & pepper if you want.






Serve with crusty bread (of course!)


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