Grated Cheese

Cheese is something I have to have in the fridge at all times. More often than not the larger packs are on offer in the supermarkets & I can never resist especially if it's a BOGOF! Using it all before it gets past it's best can be a problem though particularly as it's just myself & Mr W in the house. If, like me, you can't help picking up bargain cheese here is a great way of keeping it fresh but also easy to use!

You will need:

Your choice of cheese, I just buy any brand of cheddar as long as it's mature & on offer.

Freezer bags & waterproof marker pen.

Either using a box grater or the grater attachment on your food processor grate the cheese & place in a freezer bag labelled with the date & contents.


The brilliant thing about storing cheese this way is that you can use it straight from the freezer. Either for cheese on toast or a couple of handfuls when you are making Mac 'n' Cheese it's there ready for you to use!