The Recipes


I have tried, tested & tweaked these recipes & have made them as easy to follow as possible. For the weights & measures I've gone for metric but if imperial is more your style they can be easily converted, click here for help.

Where you see V  the recipe is suitable for vegetarians.

Most of the time I'm cooking for two, but I know that alot of you have more mouths to feed so the recipes should easy enough to double, triple etc to suit.

All of the prep & cooking times are approximate, so don't worry if you take a bit longer than the recipe says. Bear in mind that if you are new to cooking you will probably spend a little longer on prepping than someone with more experience in the kitchen. so just relax!

Of course costing is one of my main concerns so I have also given an approximate cost per person for each recipe, maybe you can make it cheaper? Now there's a challenge!