Marvellous Meatloaf!

This is a great weekend dish & makes a delicious alternative to a roast!


Serves 4-6 people, approx 72p-£1.05 per person


Prep/Chilling time 40 minutes

Cooking time 1hour 30 minutes



500g minced beef

300g sausage meat

150g fresh breadcrumbs (they can be used straight from the freezer!)

1 large onion, finely chopped

1 egg, beaten

2tbsp Worcestershire sauce

2tsp mustard (whatever you have)

2tsp dried thyme

You can make this in a 2lb loaf tin or shape the mixture into a loaf shape & place in a roasting tin.


Remove jewellery first!
Remove jewellery first!


Pre-heat the oven to 160C/Fan 140C/Gas 3.

In a large bowl mix together the mince, sausagemeat, onion, breadcrumbs, thyme & egg-come on get your hands in don't be shy!

Add the Worcestershire sauce, mustard & season with salt & pepper.

Spoon the mixture into the tin (if using) & flatten the top.

Cover the loaf tin with foil & then place into a roasting tin. Put the tins in the oven first, then pour in boiling water ½ way up the sides of the loaf tin (hey-you just made a Bain Marie!).

Cook for 1 hour, remove the foil & cook for a further 30 minutes-this will make the top nice & crusty!






Allow the meatloaf to rest for about 10-15 minutes before removing from the tin.


Now doesn't that look good?!
Now doesn't that look good?!






Slice & serve with mash, peas & gravy.


If you have any leftover allow to cool completely wrap in foil & refridgerate.

I sliced the rest placed on a baking tray & cooked for about 20 minutes at 180C, or you could even have it cold in a sandwich-YUM!


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