What's that in real money?!

In the world of weights & measures there are two camps: one uses the metric way & the other uses imperial way. I favour metric but go with whichever suits you.
With this in mind here is a useful conversion table for your comfort!


1oz = 30g


4oz = 110g

1lb = 450g



Cooking on Gas....or not?!

I have a fan oven & it took me a while to get used to it! The general advice is reduce the temperature by about 20C but here is a handy guide to help whatever oven you have!


130C = 110C Fan = 250F = Gas Mark 1


150C = 130C Fan = 300F = Gas Mark 2


180C = 160C Fan = 350F = Gas Mark 4

190C = 170C Fan = 375F = Gas Mark 5

200C = 180C Fan = 400F = Gas Mark 6

220C = 200C Fan = 425F = Gas Mark 7

230C = 210C Fan = 450F = Gas Mark 8


This is just a basic guide,for extra help click below!