Mrs Winkle has been thinking..!

Ok, ok I know it's a bit late to talk about last year but bear with me! A lot has happened & excuse me but how is it April already?!!🤯

I've made a decision to use this blog section to share little bits & bobs of life with you all so buckle up because we've got some serious catching up to do!





I won't lie, 2023 was crappy as those of you who follow my social media pages will be aware of. I was very poorly for most of it but then we had to deal with the devastating loss of my lovely Dad, Chris. He left a big gap in our lives but we as a family have always been close & keep his memory alive by talking about him all the time.


My own health issues didn't really come to a head until after his passing resulting in me ending up in hospital twice with very poorly kidneys! I had managed to get to the age of 50 without any illnesses or hospital stays & then I did it all in a matter of months including the full portfolio of tests- CT scans, ultrasounds, ECG, MRI-the full package & I lost count of the amount of blood they took which made me question whether there are vampires working in the NHS...! 


On a serious note I simply cannot fault the care I got in Royal Stoke Hospital, I was very well looked after, even though I could quite clearly see how stretched they are at times.

I'll fast forward a bit.....

So here I am now, awaiting some surgery & getting back to my old self- I've rather missed her if I'm honest. It's given me time to think about stuff & make lists of all the things I want to get done. 

One of my more unfortunate symptoms of last year was a almost total loss of appetite...yes I know horrible, especially when your most beloved hobby is cooking!

Needless to say I lost a considerable amount of weight, which I needed to lose & was planning to do so but not under such extreme circumstances!

I'm very happy to say my appetite has returned to normal now, the only downside being that I have put all the weight I lost back on- & some! Having said that compared to how I felt this time last year it's a small price to pay!


It's good to have my mojo back & as I type this I've just had a call to say that all being well my surgery will be in the next couple of months- woo-hoo!!


Before that I've got the wedding of the year to attend- as maid of honour no less! One piece of good news last year was the engagement of my little (42!) bro Gary & his lovely lady, Kelly. Just what we needed in what was a challenging year!


Typically just as I'm feeling pretty darn good today, Mr W is poorly & I'm making him rest while I tap away at my laptop upstairs. He's looked after me for long enough this past year, I can't explain how grateful I am to him & how he's basically taken care of all of us.



But, back to my plans for this year.


It's been in my head for a while now to do a podcast- I've got a lot to talk about & it seems the best way to get it "out there"! I've loved the little bits of radio I've done in the past & it feels like the logical thing to do. The last week has seen much scribbling & the perfect excuse for a new notebook (not that you need an excuse)! Watch this space (& my social media) for future news!






Now my appetite is back with a vengeance cooking is now a pleasurable experience again. My recipe notebook is almost full & very soon it will be all systems go in the CCC kitchen once again- it's good to be back!!❤❤❤