A Little Review of a (very) Sticky Pud!


I can read Nigel Slater's recipe books like you would read a story & this new one-A Year of Good Eating-is no exception! His writing is so descriptive that it's not long before my tummy is rumbling & my mouth is watering. Mr W got me a copy for Christmas & I couldn't wait to delve in!


One recipe that caught my eye straight away was Hot Cross Bun & Banana Pudding, described as "A sticky pudding for a chilly day". Well it wasn't chilly but it was certainly wet & miserable so that was a good enough excuse for me!


The recipe was easy to follow with only a few ingredients (& yes Hot Cross Buns are readily available in January!) 

The end result as indeed sticky but thoroughly delicious (especially with a blob of ice cream!) & definitely one I will make again-if Mr W has anything to do with it! 

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