Use up your Blackberries!!

If, like me, you've been Blackberry picking recently then you may be running out of ideas on how to use them up & would like to do something a bit different! This Blackberry Gin is simple to make & if you start now it should be ready in time for Christmas! 

You will need:

350g Blackberries, washed

350g granulated sugar

1 litre gin

1 large jar (I use a large Kilner jar)

Put the Blackberries & sugar into the jar then pour in the gin & put the lid on securely. Place the jar in  a dark cupboard then every day take out the jar & invert it a couple of times. Eventually the sugar will become syrup & the gin will go a gorgeous dark purple colour!

You can strain the gin after a month but I like to leave at least 3 months, inverting the jar once every few days is fine if you are leaving it longer. Decant the gin into bottles & you can use the berries for grown up puds! 

Enjoy the gin straight over ice or with tonic for a long drink-cheers!!

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