Tasty easy recipes that dont break the bank


Hello & Welcome to the Credit Crunch Cooke! Simple recipes that are low on cost but high on flavour!

With the current state of the economy thrifty cooking is very important, did you know that the average household wastes about £480 worth of food a year?

Shocking isn't it?! Don't worry though, with some savvy shopping & cooking you can keep your purses & tummies full, & as someone who shops & cooks in the real world I can help! 

So whether your a family of four, cooking for one or a hard up student, get your cupboards stocked, put on your apron & head for the kitchen, because it's time for some Credit Crunch Cooking!!  

What's cooking?!

Hi everyone! Ok so I've decided to make a change to the home page & make it more interesting!

From now on as well as news of my latest recipes I will share with you any interesting new ingredients, bargains & kitchen kit I've found! Don't forget to join in too, just email me on creditcrunchcooke@gmail.com with details of your find! 


Thursday 19th February is Chinese New Year & I have just added a new recipe to celebrate! My delicious & easy Chinese Chicken uses ingredients that you can keep in your store cupboard so you can make it again & again! Try buying your chicken from your local butcher too for better quality & value!


On a recent trip to Morrison's I found this little pot of deliciousness! It's a creamy garlic dip & at £1 for 190g I thought it would be rude not to take some home with me!

Oh & am I glad I did?! As well as being a fantastic dip with crackers or chips I can highly recommend it with cheese on toast! Toast your bread lightly on both sides then spread a thin layer of the garlic dip on one side & top with cheese. Grill until bubbling-YUM!!

My hubby knows I love cute bits & bobs for the kitchen & came home with these gorgeous mini casserole dishes the other day! They are from Home Bargains & cost £1.49 each, they are probably a bit too small for individual casseroles (but maybe I'm just greedy-haha!) but you could serve other things in them like rice or vegetables. Watch out because mine will be making an appearance shortly!

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