Tasty easy recipes that dont break the bank


Hello & Welcome to the Credit Crunch Cooke! Simple recipes that are low on cost but high on flavour!

With the current state of the economy thrifty cooking is very important, did you know that the average household wastes about £480 worth of food a year?

Shocking isn't it?! Don't worry though, with some savvy shopping & cooking you can keep your purses & tummies full, & as someone who shops & cooks in the real world I can help! 

So whether your a family of four, cooking for one or a hard up student, get your cupboards stocked, put on your apron & head for the kitchen, because it's time for some Credit Crunch Cooking!!  

What's cooking this week?!

Hello everyone!

It's been a bit quiet in The CCC kitchen for the last few weeks but I'm trying to make up for lost time! The weather is definitely Autumnal now & I'm looking forward to making some lovely soups & casseroles to keep warm! I'm still going through all my old recipe photos & replacing them with shiny new ones! This week I have reshot the pics for Sarah's Chilli & they are looking much tastier!


With Halloween at the end of the month I thought I would add a few more treats to last years! Check them out here!

Stay warm everyone!

Love Sarah xxxx


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