Cooking Terms & Meanings

I've tried not to use too many technical terms as I know some of you will be complete novices in the kitchen, so i added this page with you in mind! Below is a list of cooking terms & their meanings, I will keep adding them as & when needed but if you still can't find what you're looking for please drop me a line using the e-mail address on the About Me page!

  • tsp: teaspoon
  • tbsp: tablespoon (this is equal to 15ml)
  • Bake Blind: To bake a pastry case while empty. The pastry is lined with baking paper then filled with baking beans (available in cook shops) or use dried beans, peas or rice. This is done to stop the sides of the pastry case falling in & the base bubbling.
  • Cream: To beat ingredients together, eg. butter & sugar to make a sponge cake.
  • Egg wash: Beaten raw egg to glaze pastry giving a shine once cooked.
  • Fold: To mix with a gentle lifting motion, rather than stirring. This is done to avoid beating out air when mixing.
  • Marinate: To soak meat, fish or vegetables before cooking. Usually in an acidic liquid with flavourings & herbs.
  • Parboil: To half-boil or partially soften by boiling.
  • Prove: To put dough or yeasted mixture to rise before baking.
  • Reduce: To reduce the amount of liquid by boiling quickly-the remaining liquid is stronger in flavour & sometimes thicker.
  • Roux: The base for many white sauces, made with melted butter & flour that forms a smooth paste.
  • Seal: To brown meat quickly in oil or fat for colour & flavour.
  • Season: The addition of salt & pepper to most savoury dishes.